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1 November 1987
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Hi there!
My name is Daniele Fujikawa. You can call me Dani, Na-chan, Fujikawa, either is fine.
I started this lj so that I didn't have to send e-mails to my local friends about news and STUFF I found about bands we like. After a few days, it got bigger and bigger... Now, there's no day that passes by that I don't update it!! Unless I'm sick or unable to reach a pc. It's become a disease!! XD~~
I try to bring you, those very few that follow my blog, the lattest updates about my favorite bands (which, at the moment, has been mainly TVXQ).
Hope we can all be friends in sharing our love of music, and the Dong Bang boys of course!!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! ^^
nachan87 yori

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